One of the pillars of increasing swing speed is proper technique. Without the correct technique, you’re never going to maximize your ability to generate swing speed.

Other forms of training are helpful such as a structured speed training program or by improving your fitness. But what good are those programs if your technique isn’t good? Poor technique will continue to hold you back from reaching your potential no matter how often you train the other areas.

What is most important when it comes to technique?

Body sequencing is most important. Body sequencing is the use of specific body segments in the correct order. The backswing and downswing have different body sequencing, but for the purpose of discussing swing speed, let’s focus on the downswing body sequence.

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What type of downswing sequence will maximize swing speed? A sequence from proximal to distal. Proximal segments are nearest the body center such as your hips or core. Distal segments are further away from the body center such as your arms and hands. A sequence from proximal to distal efficiently and powerfully transfers energy up through the body and into the club.

This same sequence is true for other athletic motions such as throwing or hitting a baseball, throwing a football, throwing a javelin, etc. Athletes in these sports utilize the same sequence to maximize efficiency and power.

To utilize the correct sequence, you have to start moving the lower body, the most proximal segment you have, at the start of the downswing. This creates a stretch in the core, which allows the upper body to contract and rotate faster. When the upper body rotates faster, it creates a stretch at the shoulder joints, which allows the arms to accelerate faster. When the arms accelerate faster, it creates a stretch at the wrist joint, which allows the club head to whip into the ball at max acceleration. This is a essentially the downswing sequence.

Here's a good video to watch to better understand the downswing sequence:

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