In terms of maximizing club head speed, you must learn how to create body separation. On the downswing, body separation means the movement of the lower body independent of the upper body. This stretches the core muscles between the lower and upper body and one of the biggest factors for maximizing club head speed. Every high performing golfer does it. Not only does it help you generate speed, it also generates more control and efficiency in the body.

How does separation help create more speed? Separation puts a stretch on the muscle, and when muscles are stretched, there is more energy behind the contraction. This process happen quickly, but this is essentially how you create elastic energy in the body and more speed.

Let’s create a visual. Imagine being tested in the vertical jump. You have to keep your feet still and jump as high as you can. Would you jump without squatting down first? Absolutely not. Everyone, whether they think about it or not, would squat slightly down and then explode up into the air. The purpose of the squat was to stretch all the muscles needed to jump. The contraction that came after was stronger and more powerful.

When the lower body begins to separate and rotate on the downswing, it stretches the core muscles. Then the muscles in the core contract faster and accelerate the rotation of the upper body, and everything later in the kinetic chain. This is how you create more energy in the body and maximize club head speed.

There are other areas of the body where elastic energy is created. For example, when the chest begins to rotate, the arms trail behind for a split second which stretches the muscles around the shoulder joint. This allows the muscles responsible for moving the arms to contract with more energy resulting in more speed of the arms.

How do you create separation? Golfers with a good combination of mobility and strength, plus some athletic background, are able to create separation more easily. Golfers that struggle in these areas may need more practice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

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