This is a question I get all the time and it’s a question I enjoy answering. The first key is understanding that it takes time. Developing speed does not happen overnight. It requires a commitment to a training program over a period of time.

Have you ever tried to swing fast? It’s a simple question but most people have not because they are usually told to slow down. When have you heard someone say “swing fast?” It doesn’t happen. This prevents golfers from ever experiencing how fast their body can move.

The other problem is that most golfers assume speed is 100% technique related. Technique is very important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the most important factor. The most important factor is the training. Training for speed will by far yeild the greatest results.

So how do you train for speed? It may sound simple, but you have to start moving your body fast on a consistent basis. There are many ways to do this, but I’ll save you the trouble and tell you what to do.

I’ve gone through several years of trial and error in my own effort to swing faster. I became obsessed with pushing my body to the limits and seeing how much speed I could create. I did all the research, bought all the equipment, and spoke to all the experts. I figured out what worked and what didn’t. I organized everything I believe into a program called Fit For Speed.

Enroll in this online course and learn everything you need to know to create speed and distance, plus accuracy and control.